Creative Video Production During COVID-19

In this unprecedented global crisis, video production and post-production need to be reimagined. At Haiku Films, we are helping marketing teams and organizations to articulate your vision by providing creative video solutions.

Boost Your Marketing Efforts with Animation and Motion Graphics

Motion graphics can take your brand to the next level, giving it a better recognition with your target clients. Video production, animation, and post-production can be done working remotely and by observing social distancing when filming onsite.

Grow Your Sales with Whiteboard Animation Videos

Whiteboard animation videos are a form of explainer video that you can use at the top of your sales funnel to make your prospects aware of your products or services. Our team is adept at creating and editing hand-crafted, visually appealing videos for businesses across all industries.

Build Your Brand Identity with Mixed Media Videos

Mixed media videos feature a combination of stock footage and existing footage with animated motion graphics. Our post-production team is working remotely with video editing tools to create stunning videos that you can use for boosting your online marketing results.

Train your Team & Clients with Custom Training Videos

Due to travel restrictions, on-demand training videos are an excellent solution for workplace education. We provide you and your SME’s with strategic content development, instructional design, on-site videotaping, and training video post-production to help you amid this pandemic.

We are here to help you strategize the most effective and safest way to achieve success in your video production during this tough time.

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