“Mabel and Cesar were amazing partners from start to finish. They were super communicative, really paid attention”
Erdem Menges, Director, Enterprise Product Marketing, Kong

“Mabel is an outstanding team player that always makes sure the end results are excellent. Her considerable talents are the primary reason we have received high praise and accolades for the world-class quality of our video deliverables.”
Scott Jamar, Sr. Director, Enterprise Marketing, Huawei

“Mabel has worked with me as an editor and producer for a couple of years. She is extremely responsible, careful in editing, and always communicative.”
Steve Gowin, Senior Video Producer, Oracle

“Mabel brings an astounding amount of passion, strength and clarity of purpose to her work. She is a wonderful Producer and collaborator.”
Patrick Flaherty, KQED SPARK Series Producer

“Mabel is a very passionate and dedicated Director whom works well with people. I worked with Mabel on “Soledad Is Gone Forever” and was impressed with how well she is able to motivate the people around her on a set. ”
Samuel Toole, Producer, Keptonefilmz

“Mabel is an extremely creative and very organized editor, managing her time very effectively to achieve project objectives. She is a great listener and communicator and has a deep knowledge of storytelling and the film medium. ”
Jeremy Monroe, Director, Fresh Waters Illustrated