How Animation Is Better Than Live-Action Video

An animated videos scene

The trend of using videos for marketing is growing, and adding animation into the mix can make it an even more effective medium. 52% of marketers believe that video marketing is the way forward, particularly online, and this statistic only expands when you consider animation to be your chosen medium.

Why is video animation so important?

Grabs Attention

People’s attention spans are shrinking with time due to the myriad entertainment and information sources available to them. They won’t sit through anything they don’t have to, and this means that if you don’t capture your consumers’ attention within the first few seconds of your message, they are not likely to stick around. Using animated content is a good way to go about doing this because it’s easy to consume, interesting, and doesn’t require much from the audience.

Quick Communication

As mentioned earlier, businesses now have only a few seconds to communicate their core message. Using animation is an excellent way to convey a message fast, and, in a way, this makes sure that the message’s audience can understand what you are trying to say.

Gaining an Understanding

One of the most important aspects of animated videos is that it can relay information in a way that is understandable to everyone. From a child to an elderly person, everyone can understand the message when it is demonstrated through animation.

For businesses trying to promote unfamiliar products or offerings, especially those that are more complex, the medium of animation is a good way to communicate this message. It may be difficult to visualize something that is being told to you, but it is much easier to understand a visual that is presented to you from the get-go. Complex ideas can be broken down or pieced together in front of consumers with the help of an animated video, making your business’s message much easier to understand.


Using animated videos is much more fun and interesting way to communicate, presenting information that makes consumers much more likely to engage with it. Of course, the fact that animation allows businesses to use tropes and storytelling beyond the realm of reality and video production budgets means that people are more likely to engage with it as well. Static elements come to life with animation, making even the dullest of messages more exciting to the viewers.

Lasting Impression

Audiences for animation are much more likely to retain information than if those who receive it through text. With animation, both sides of the brain are triggered – the right side, which processes emotions, and the left side, which converts thoughts into images. When someone feels emotions strongly in response to a message, they are likely to remember it.

With all these advantages to using animation, it’s no surprise that marketers are now moving towards using video animation as part of their digital marketing strategy.

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